FINE Kelp Root Extract  is a sea greens supplement formula  that is made from Japanese  kelp root (kombu) with mekabu fucoidan (an extract from kelp)  that is grown and harvested on the ocean bottom south of Korea. Kelp root has the highest concentration of minerals in the ocean, and richest in the world in iodine, which makes it a vital supplement for Americans, 96% of whom are deficient in this vital mineral and suffering from the disease caused by iodine deficiency.

Kelp Root Extract

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  • ● Made from Japanese kelp packed with critical vegetable nutrients (popularly known as the  “King of Sea Vegetables”)

    ● Solve iodine deficiency: provides 1000% USDV

    ●Promote normal bowel movements with high-content iodine, dietary fiber and sodium alginate

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