During exercise, our body loses sodium along with sweat, so it is important to take beverages that contain sodium in order to
absorb water smoothly.This product is a soft drink powder intended to efficiently replenish water and minerals lost due to a large
amount of sweat. ION drinks are recommended for rehydration of the whole family during fever, during sports, after taking a bath,
and after getting up.

Ion Drink (Green Apple Flavor)

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  • ● Since HMB is contained, we recommend especially for those who endeavor to play sports.
    ● As it is a concentrated liquid type, it is easy to dissolve and can be enjoyed more deliciously when mixed with carbonated
    ● No sugar. Fat free. No preservatives and coloring.
    ● One package (22sticks) is for 22 500ml PET bottles (11L).Easy to use stick type
    ● Green apple flavor

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