Pearl Coix

A unique, Ancient grain packed with protein, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals ideal for maintaining a healthy body. A large grain member of the grass family, popular in Asian cultures as a health support for Skin, Hair, Nails, Stomach and Joints.

Pearl Coix is being widely studied today for its nutritional and healing benefits.

In the powdered form it is superior to clay for a facial mask, feeding and supporting the skin, while drawing and cleansing.

Sweet tasting, Pearl Coix is great in any smoothie, most juice beverages, or any of the animal, grain or nut milks.

Taken regularly, Pearl Coix can produce noticeable health benefits in the body,

Considered one of Mother Nature’s great foods, Pearl Coix supports whole body health.

Coix Seed Beauty Tablets with Vitamin C

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  • Pearl coix is the main ingredient blended with pineapple fruit extract including ceramide, collagen peptide, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vegetase and Enzyme 45 of Concentrated Pearl Coix patented in Japan. A product that aims to achieve “white, bright and shining”. As a sister product Coix Seeds Beauty Tablets with Vitamin C…